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DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION TEACHER'S PACK. Pack of five workbooks poster, video and booklet, Engineering Training Authority Pounds 25, From EnTra, Vector House, 41 Clarendon Road, Watford WD1 1HS Age range 5-11.

This resource pack has been written to help teachers with curriculum planning. The level of support offered by the workbooks is detailed enough to provide the inexperienced teacher with enough background information to venture into design and technology.

Each of the five workbooks (on the engineering of bread; cars; drinks containers; electronic circuit boards; and textiles) contains very thorough engineering and teaching background sections.

The classroom guidance section follows the structure of the Order: investigating, disassembling and evaluating activities, focused practical tasks and design and make assignments. There are many tried and tested classroom activities, each with an aim, requirements list and a "what to do" section.

Teachers are left to select their own activities in each unit, although the inexperienced teacher is helped with cross-referencing of activities and video clips. A variety of ways of working with individuals or with the whole class is also possible. The activities, tasks and assignments allow children to develop most of the designing and making skills detailed in the Order.

At the end of each workbook are further ideas, cross curricular links, templates and photocopiable work sheets to help the teacher set up the activities in class. Altogether a very useful addition to the staff library of resources.

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