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Packaged remarks are unspeakable

We thought it was only pupils who were downloading chunks of prose from the internet when their inspiration failed. But a thread in the TES online staffroom suggests teachers are at it too.

A primary NQT (bubble_gum550) makes a plea for help with writing her reports. "I'm only a quarter of the way through," she bleats. And someone aptly named "mrs sausage" suggests cutting and pasting level descriptors from the national curriculum website. "That's what I did last year and I was complemented (sic) on my reports," she says smugly.

The Diary has one word of advice for bubble_gum550: Don't.J Whoever complimented mrs sausage on her reports cannot have been a sentient human being and was certainly not a parent.JLevel descriptors are dull, dull, dull.J They tell a parent nothing about their child. And why, as some posters ask, is poor bubblegum having to write her reports now? "Started report writing over half-term - first drafts due in middle of November!"

exclaims the poor drudge. Why don't they give her a bit more time with her pupils first so she might have time to work out which is which?

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