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Palace pretensions

Glasgow Caledonian University proudly announced that President Nelson Mandela of South Africa would be receiving one of its honorary degrees this week at Buckingham Palace. "Puzzled, Cowcaddens" soon came upon the reason: Mandela is also receiving degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, London, Bristol, Nottingham, Warwick and De Montfort.

Mandela is not the only distinguished statesman to receive a university award this week. We are pleased to reveal that John Kemp, education convener in Dundee and one of Scotland's up-and-coming councillors, will graduate from Dundee University today (Friday) with a first in modern history and political science.

Kemp is already well-known for having cut his intellectual teeth on the Beano for 10 years (Jotter, January 12). He now intends moving on to pursue a PhD on the subject of prohibition.


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