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Palm Friday

Palmist Robin Lown reckons he can judge teachers by their palms. We let him read between the lines "Large hands usually mean a conservative, idealistic and protective nature but this man values independence. He has a boisterous, schoolboy energy and humour, an effervescent spirit and enthusiasm for new and intellectual projects but tends to exaggerate.

"He enjoys giving advice but takes it less easily. He has a deep concern about mankind - he might be involved in helping those less fortunate than himself.

"A large thumb indicates obstinacy and the whorl thumb print shows a secretive and occasionally brooding nature which may come across as eccentricity. Long, rounded fingertips show a deep thinker with an interest in science and history.

"Though often cool in relationships, at work he is loyal and enduring and has high standards. He may have digestive troubles. He loves sport.

"The deep, curved heartline shows generosity and a balanced but not overly romantic nature. The headline shows he possesses clear logic.

"The lifeline shows a physical man, emotionally conservative, who married at 25 and has two children. He changed career from 32 to 35, achieving success after 37. At 45, he developed a two-part career. His work may involve writing, talking, project-organising ad travelling.

"His business-like approach on large projects will mean continued success from age 53, coinciding with several book publications. He will travel widely and have strong links with Australia. He should market his expertise - perhaps a literary agent wouldn't go amiss."

Dave Askew, 51, is deputy caretaker at Garstang county high school, Garstang, Lancashire "That's pretty good. I do like intellectual challenges and I have a tendency to exaggerate. I think I have a schoolboyish sense of humour and I like analysing problems and logic.

"Before I was a caretaker I worked as a hospital porter - the original reason was to help others. I do have an interest in science and history - it was a toss-up between a degree in engineering or history. I chose engineering but I wish I'd done history now.

"I used to be in the army, moving around every two or three years. The only sport I like is orienteering.

"My partner would say I am not very romantic but I suppose most women would say that. I have never been married, I haven't got any children and I have no links with Australia. But they do say everyone's got a book in them so I had better do it quick - eat your heart out Jeffrey Archer."

Robin Lown was talking to Harvey McGavin.Email:

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