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Palm Friday

Palmist Robin Lown reckons he can judge teachers - and people who use their hands for their work - by their palms. We let him read between the lines A wide palm always shows broadmindedness and versatility. The deep palm shows conflict: duty versus personal freedom, secretiveness versus frankness.

The heaviness of the palm itself denotes someone who likes food and good wine, a kind person who is passionate in work and play. The high angular nature of the fingers and short index finger show a paradoxical nature but a good tactician. Part showman, but methodical and careful, he likes to work at speed and act upon his instinctive good judgment.

The strongest element in this hand is the tendency to take the initiative. This can be quite a strain for those who get close to him. His impulsiveness creates a restless drive, a strong personal sense of purpose.

He is a strong motivator and inspirational speaker. Teacher and entertainer qualities abound. A methodical, practical and factual man with a well-tempered ego who likes to be interviewed and is well travelled. Index and ring finger whorls indicate a media consciousness and performer or presenter skills.

The curve of the fingers toward the index shows a caution about personal security. A big change in his life at 55 has resulted in greater freedom.

Th major lines are clear and long, showing this man is powerful, emotive, imaginative and determined. The head line shows writing ability - a scientific yet imaginative thinker. He has a good understanding of politics - he needs a soap box in Hyde Park or a radio show. He will appear in the media.

Bob Wilson, the former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper, is ITV's football presenter and coach to leading goalkeepers, including David Seaman Parts of it are amazing. There are several things that people who know me really well would say 'that's you!' and very few that are not me. There was a big change in my life at 57 when my daughter Anna died. She had been ill with cancer for just short of five years and that really made me rethink what was important and unimportant in life. The other side of it is that at 53, after 20 years at the BBC, I moved to ITV.

But there are other things in there - like the writing, the leadership thing, the broadmindedness, the secretive bit - that are me.

It doesn't have anything about sport, which is the real me, although he does say something about teaching. People think of the football career and the TV. But the real Bob Wilson is out there on the field, coaching. That's my natural environment.

Robin Lown was talking to Harvey McGavin


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