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A panto season that's far from a drag

Primary children have reviewed some of Scotland's best pantomimes. What's that you say? Oh no they haven't? Oh yes they have!

Primary children have reviewed some of Scotland's best pantomimes. What's that you say? Oh no they haven't? Oh yes they have!


King's Theatre, Glasgow (pictured in action above) reviewed by pupils from Aultmore Park Primary, Glasgow

This was about a girl called Cinderella who had two mean ugly step sisters who were coming to stay. It was the best panto I have ever seen. It was amazing. The best part of it was when the ponies and carriage came onto the stage to pick Cinderella up for the ball. My favourite character was the Fairy Godmother because she was really funny. The best joke was when the fairy was squirting water all over the ugly sister. My favourite costume was the Fairy Godmother's first dress because it had diamonds and glitter and it lit up. I liked everything.

By Keera Smith (P76)

The story was about Cinderella but really it was about her stepsisters going to the ball and meeting a lovely handsome prince. The panto was really funny and great, too. It made me and my friends laugh. The best bit was at the end. Cinderella got married and lived happily ever after and the ugly stepsisters became really nice. My favourite character was Cinderella because she was very kind to her sister and she was pretty. The best joke was when the stepsisters carried the bags and dropped them and when Buttons danced to Gangnam Style. My favourite costumes were the tea-cake dress and the Fairy Godmother's dress. I didn't like it when the ugly stepsisters locked Cinderella in a cupboard. I'm glad the stepsisters became nice at the end.

By Megan Gallacher (P65)

I enjoyed the bit "busy bee, busy bee" the most because the fairy godmother spat juice on the ugly stepsister. My favourite character was Buttons because at the start he was on the rope and then he fell and I saw his fake bum. I didn't like the very loud noises. My favourite joke was when the ugly sister went to the mirror. She shouted: "Eew who's that in the mirror?", which was funny. I think Prince Charming's costume was the best one because it was like gold.

By Kornel Franczak (P5)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

Reviewed by pupils from Alehousewells School, Kemnay

A truly magical performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, performed by a talented cast and filled with excitement, spooks and romance.

Out of all the characters my favourite one has got to be Boabby, exploding with fun and very likeable. Jordan Young did an amazing job of playing a character that you just had to feel sorry for.

Watching a movie with a dragon in is not scary but when there is one gliding above everyone's head, that's exciting. The dragon was busy spitting on me while I screamed.

The whole pantomime was my favourite part of the day and I really recommend it to everybody who wants to have some fun and be entertained.

Amber Adam (P7)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a lively show at Aberdeen's beautiful His Majesty's Theatre, featuring a cast of characters from the traditional tale and some new ones.

Elaine C. Smith is the main character. She was the Wicked Queen, Sadista. I think the audience liked her because she was so lively and full of fun - she took the boos even though she is a famous actor.

The best costume was Snow White's wedding dress because it was blue and white. It matched the guests' dresses and suits the dwarfs' capes.

If I could change one thing, I would change nothing because it was so amazing.

The final thing I would like to say is that it would be better if we had got to meet the cast, though I know they are probably really tired after their shows.

Kaitlin Fuber (P7)

My favourite part of the panto was when the dragon zoomed over everybody, the terrifying dragon breathed over everybody.

The costumes were astonishing, so glittery and glamorous they stunned you. The performers outshone the crowd from Strictly Come Dancing ... that's how much sparkle was on this stage.

Libby Turner (P7)

My favourite part was Scene 8 when the character Sadista (the Wicked Queen) let the ferocious dragon out of his giant cage. The lights went off and two red eyes stared out at the crowd. Then the lights came back on and a scaly green dragon came flying out of the stage and soared over everyone's head. I got a fright so I put my feet up on to the chair in front of me and closed my eyes. To everyone's amazement the dragon spat at the audience.

Mya Fleming (P7)

Sadista was larger than life, so much fun and way over the top. She also wore my favourite costume. It was purple and black with rips and a glittery top underneath.

The part that surprised me the most was when an enormous dragon came flying fearsomely out towards the crowd. It was spitting out water which dropped into some of the crowd's eyes, making them squirm. It was amazing how the theatre managed to create this character.

Evie Gray (P7)

Sleeping Beauty

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Reviewed by St Saviour's Primary, Glasgow

I thought Sleeping Beauty was superb. It was very dark and scary at first and the talking table was amazing. How that actor managed to stay like that for so long was puzzling.

I thought the babies were not so pretty and added to the atmosphere of trying to scare the audience. Although going to cut them and eat them might have been a bit too far for some of the audience?

The ogre was terrific and the voice activation helped keep us scared all the way through. Mrs Johnston nearly collapsed when the ogre came out on to the balcony near her.

I would like to say thank you for the invite and most of the school were very quiet on the way back. I wonder why?

Molly Boyd (P76)

We all had a great time. Sleeping Beauty was full of surprises and I could not have anticipated this was going to turn out as it did.

The story was very scary and I jumped out my seat when the big green ogre came up to the top balcony. He sounded like a Dalek.

The scenery was terrific and the costumes were very cleverly put together. I think this show should have come with a scary warning.

Well done to every one.

Ethan Reid (P76)

Sleeping Beauty had the most unusual costumes and scenery I have ever seen.

I loved the ogre the best as he had a strange tone to his voice that added to the scariness of him. The prince and princess played their parts so well and you were kept in suspense right to the last minute - was the prince going to turn into an ogre?

There were lots of screams heard when the ogre went among the audience and he did look very frightening close up.

This is my first show in Glasgow as I come from Nigeria and I have not seen anything like it before, so thank you.

Oluwaseyi Fadun (P7)

I loved Sleeping Beauty as I have never seen an interpretation like that before - scary or what? The babies going to get carved up for Grannie's tea? And the ghosts rattling their chains. I also loved the trees coming out of the ground as though they were dead people in graves. Me Ebinezer would have had major nightmares if this was his dreams. Roll on next year.

Dione Dissasi (P6)

I enjoyed the performance enormously. I liked the costumes of the ghosts and trees the best, as I like drawing and felt I could draw stories about them when I returned to school. The mummy ogre played her part very well and her voice was very clear. I enjoyed being slightly frightened by the ogre. But he was a long way away from me so I know he could not touch me. I think some of the very young children were scared.

Reegan Lee (P5)

Puss in Boots

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Reviewed by Pinkie St Peter's Primary, Musselburgh

This panto was about Puss in Boots being a superhero and saving the day for Musselburgh. The best bits of the show were when Dame Doris fell and showed off her knickers - and when Jamie and Rory tipped Fiona in the water and kissed.

Fiona was best because she was a lovely singer and she looked beautiful. We didn't like Rumbletum because he was selfish and nasty and very ugly - or the wicked witch because she was evil and despicable.

Dante Jackman, Kylie Moodie, Lauren Tait, Anna Lyon, Karen Reid and Dante Jackman (P2)

The best part was when Jamie, Rory and Fiona were on the bench and kept falling in the water. The best character was the witch, because she was very scary, and the best joke was when the ogre had only the first part of the song and the other part was on his back.

Callum Robertson, Harry Glasgow, Aiden Cairney and Katie McLean (P23)

The best bit of the show was when the boy got naked and jumped into the pond.The funniest bit was when we got to see him.

Rebecca Gallacher, Mia Grieve, Morgan Waites (P1)

We liked Rumbletum the ogre because he was fat and roared loudly, Princess Fiona because she was beautiful and kind, Puss in Boots' magic boots because they were gold, and Rory because he saved the world. And the music was good.

Callum MacCauley, Phoebe Bruce, Lewis Yip, Lizzie Gilhooly, Curtis Forsyth (P12)


My favourite bit was all of it but the ogre had a big head.

Leo Demarco, P1

I liked Rumbletum the ogre best because he became nice in the end when he read out our names.

Brydon Douglas, P12

I liked Rory best because he was saving Musselburgh.

Zubayr Ali, P12

I liked when Dame Doris threw the sweets out and I got one.

Jack Brown, P12.

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