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Papal pin-up

Andrew McLellan, moderator of the Church of Scotland, is having quite a year. He has toured the world, visited Scottish prisons and attended the anti-Trident demo at Faslane - managing to stay on the right side of the law, unlike other eminent churchmen.

McLellan is just back from an audience with the Great Man himself in Rome, travelling with his wife Irene, a home economics teacher at Holy Rood High in Edinburgh - a Proddie in a Tim schol. No problem with time off for that one.

The Holy Father was indeed well briefed and knew of the unexpected church link. To mark the occasion, he gifted the Roman Catholic secondary a set of rosary beads which are now encased in glass outside the office of heidie Pat Sweeney, our very own columnist.

A snap of the Pope and Irene accompanies the beads. Underneath, of course, is the obvious caption: "Who's that with Irene?"

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