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Paper binned

Paper-free school admin has moved a step nearer in Tring - thanks to rubbish disposal. Using money from the tax on landfill sites and the New Opportunities Fund, Brian Mather, the head of Bishop Wood junior school, is leading a project to supplant paper with email.

Sandwiched between the middle-school systems of Buckinghamshire and Berkhamsted, Tring forms a self-contained area where most primary children transfer to a single secondary school. It's a good place to experient with a new intranet system. Every classroom is linked. The two-year project aims to make communication electronic.

Ordering stock traditionally used to involve much form-filling, but soon it could be as easy as supermarket shopping on the internet. Pupil attendance figures can be sent to county hall by internet. All those bulky policy folders that bend the shelves will be available electronically - and bang up to date.

Neil Levis and Sue Jones

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