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We're Going on a Bear Hunt By Michael Rosen Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. I Love Animals By Flora McDonnell Age 3-plus Walker Books Pounds 10.99.

These Walker favourites appear for the first time in large format - perfect for reading with groups. The bear hunt is ideal for audience participation - especially the frisson of finding a real bear. I Love Animals has beautifully studied farm animals and lots of discussion points for younger children. The size gives new emphasis to the high quality illustrations, allowing children to pinpoint small details, and focus attention on the text. Perhaps the best thing about these books is the price - Pounds 10.99 compared with up to Pounds 20 for a similar size from other publishers.

Shouting Sharon By David Pace Frances Lincoln Pounds 3.99 Age 4-plus Sharon cries havoc through this counting narrative. Of course she gets her just desserts when she meets 10 lions... or does she? Lots of scope for audience participation - and shouting!

Not Like That, Like This By Tony Bradman and Joanna Burroughs Age 4-plus Mammoth Pounds 4.50 Dad gets his head stuck in the railings in the park and receives help from a bizarre collection of passers-by. This combines counting, repetitive text, witty drawings and a fun, if predictable, punchline.

Tattercoats By Margaret Greaves Illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain Key stages 1 and 2 Frances Lincoln Pounds 4.99 Golden and vivacious, Tattercoats is the perfect antidote for those jaded with Cinderella. She escapes from her grey and grumpy grandfather, befriends the prince and produces five children to lift her grandfather's gloom. A tale that doesn't weary with re-telling.I Love Guinea-Pigs By Dick King Smith Illustrated by Anita Jeram Walker Read and Wonder Age 5-plus The love for guinea-pigs which permeates the text and cartoon-style drawings could hardly fail to win the hearts of even hardened rodent resisters. The drawings capture the essential, amiable nature of guinea pigs brilliantly while the text integrates affectionate anecdotes with practical care advice.

The Greatest Show on Earth By John Prater Walker Books Pounds 4.50 Age 3-plus Oops... whoops... boing." This is Harry, the youngest member of the circus who just can't seem to get his tricks right, when even Grandma can lift a trailer with one hand. Any young child will empathise with Harry's plight. The strong, cartoon- strip style pictures help to focus on narrative order without needing text skills.

The Leopard's Drum By Jessica Souhami Frances Lincoln Pounds 4.99 In the tradition of African tales explaining the characteristics of wild animals, this tells why tortoise has a hard shell. Various animals try to outwit Osebo the leopard but it is the tortoise who finally wins out. The bold illustrations are derived from the puppets originally used in the theatrical version.

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