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Killing the Demons. By Jay Ashton.

Swords and sorcery fantasy is a popular escape for teenagers. When Sam is severely injured in a car accident, her family moves to a Welsh town, where she finds it hard to make friends. She spends a lot of time fighting demons on her computer and in her dreams before she is able to take her place in her peer group and help someone else. Age 10+ (Puffin Pounds 3.50).

A Place to Scream.

By Jean Ure.

It's 2015 and all the old people who haven't got their pension plans sorted out are in "the dump".

The young people who haven't got masses of qualifications are on government training schemes. And this is fiction? Jean Ure's dystopia is populated with believably cantankerous adults and warm-hearted kids. Age 12 + (Corgi Pounds 2.99).

Letter from the Inside.

By John Marsden.

Mix Prisoner Cell Block H with Neighbours and you get the flavour of this racy epistolary novel: a kind of Clarissa on vodka and blackcurrant. Tracy and Mandy begin writing to each other and develop an intimacy only fractured by increasingly disturbing revelations. Gulping, hanky-wringing stuff. Age 12+ (Pan Pounds 3.50).

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