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Parents bid for voice in pre-school agenda

Scotland has a new parent organisation from today (Friday). Parents for Choice has been launched to provide a platform for parents of pre-school children. The group is being co-ordinated by Raymond Boyle, one of the leaders of the parents' campaign against the previous government's plans for primary tests.

It was inaugurated at the annual conference of the Scottish Independent Nurseries Association in Edinburgh. But Mr Boyle stressed it is a broad-based group which will involve voluntary and childminding associations as well as parents from the council and private sectors.

He said: "The existing parents' organisations tend to be preoccupied with primary and secondary schools and pre-school parents have no voice. This is a crucial time for the nursery sector as the Government embarks on its consultation over it plans. Parents of pre-school children want to be in there shaping that agenda."

The group is seeking a meeting with the Education Minister.

Alison Kirby, convener of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, said: "We welcome the existence of any group which will give weight to the views of parents."

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