Parents feeding kids through the school fences... rebel mums

GroovyGrandma: If, as a parent, you are unhappy about lunchtime arrangements send your child in with a pack-up or take them out for a hot meal at lunchtime. Or, heaven forbid this might happen... cook a decent healthy meal when they get home!

liliski: Maybe parents who complain about the standard of teaching at their darling child's school could arrange tuition through the fence when they're disruptive and sent out of class!

inky: Get the children cooking! Catch them young and change the whole attitude to food in this country, where width matters so much more than quality.

mindful: Children are not the property of their parents. They are the future of the country. Are you suggesting that governments have no social responsibility; that children should be subjected to the prejudices of their parents?

Inkblot: When the parents are so blatantly undermining what the school is trying to do, discipline must be even harder for those on the chalk-face.

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