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Parents' fury at DIY class repair

PARENTS are staging a protest through the summer holidays, demanding that Tony Blair, the prime minister, do something about the poor condition of their children's school - which lies within his Sedgefield constituency.

Asbestos was discovered at Vane Road primary school in Newton Aycliffe, earlier this year. A parents' action group was immediately set up.

Durham County Council has since repaired and plastered the walls. Parents are now painting classrooms and corridors themselves - after claiming that the council did not return to finish the job.

The group is also complaining about the state of school wiring and the toilets, saying they need fixing and replacing.

The group's secretary, Tony Woods, said: "Tony Blair should be ashamed. This school is in the heart of his constituency and there is so much work needing done to it."

A statement from Durham County Council said parents had not been put in a position of "having to" decorate the premises themselves.

Wiring improvements were being carried out during the summer by the council.

The school is responsible for decorating the interior from its own budget, delegated to it each year by the education authority.

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