Part-time anomaly

THE cheque advertisement and articles such as Ralph Tabberer's imply that all postgraduate trainees will receive the training salary from September onwards. Unfortunately this is not the case.

I co-ordinate a distance learning primary PGCE programme with approximately 110 students, who have been attracted to this route for a variety of different reasons, but two things unite them all - poverty and commitment.

We were reassured they would receive a proportional amount of the money for the time left for them on course. Later statementswithdrew this initial promise.

Training salaries are not only to encourage recruitment, but also retention. These students have already shown their commitment, it would be tragic if we lost any of them because their financial situation made it impossible for them to continue on course.

I would urge the powers that be to reconsider and revert to their original statements of inclusion for all postgraduate students.

Pat Hughes

Course co-ordinator

Hope University

87 Derby Street



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