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Part-time Puttnam enjoys pound;70k office

ALMOST pound;6,000 a month is being provided for an office used for just two days a week by Lord Puttnam, chairman of the General Teaching Council. The sum, more than pound;70,000 annually, covers office accommodation and expenses, research, speechwriting, and administrative support.

The film producer works two days a week at the GTC on a daily allowance of pound;350 - some pound;200 more than the cost of an experienced supply teacher. This and office expenses are at present paid by the taxpayer.

The GTC, to which all teachers in England will have to pay a registration fee from September, has a pound;12.3 million budget and has yet to decide whether it will continue to support its chairman at the same rate. Lord Puttnam's term of office ends this summer when the council elects its own chair.

The arrangements for paying the chairman were made by the Department for Education and Employment after taking external advice on appropriate remuneration. Carol Adams, GTC chief executive, said: "It will be up to council members to determine them for the future."

John Andrews, Lord Puttnm's counterpart in Wales, has no office or admin support and gets a pound;250 daily allowance. He is not expected to work more than two days a week.

Salaries for the 94 GTC staff based in London and the West Midlands total pound;2.1m and range from pound;11,850 for an assistant in Birmingham to pound;82,000 paid to Ms Adams, equivalent to a grade 3 civil servant or section head at the DFEE.

The Welsh GTC, which has yet to set a subscription rate, has an annual budget of just over pound;1m and the salary bill for its 15 staff is pound;476,474. Gary Brace, its chief executive, is on pound;46,921.

Most teachers in England and Wales will be on pound;24,843 or more from April. The GTC said: "The GTC in England serves a teaching population more than 10 times larger than its Welsh counterpart. Council members are committed to providing value for money."

Budget plans for the English GTC show it is planning to welcome new entrants this year with three events, at a total cost of pound;100,000.

It is also looking into registered teachers being able to use the letters GTC after their names.

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