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Part-time teachers less likely to leave

Turnover rates of part-time teachers in primary and secondary schools are lower than those of full-time staff.

But compared to resignations from full-timers, high proportions of part-time resigners were female, aged 35 to 49, non-graduates and had zero or one responsibility point. Their resignations were more likely to be for maternity reasons.

According to the LGMB, there were part-time turnover rates of 5 per cent in primary schools and 7 per cent in secondary schools; both were lower than the overall full-time rate of 8 per cent.

Part-time turnover was above-average in primary schools in the South-east (7 per cent), Yorkshire and Humberside (7 per cent), Wales (6 per cent) and the West Midlands (5 per cent). It was lowest in the North-west (3 per cent).

In the secondary sector, turnover was above average in London (10 per cent), Wales and the South-east (8 per cent), Yorkshire and Humberside, the North and the West Midlands (7 per cent). It was lowest in the South-west (3 per cent).

Primary schools had a higher proportion of fixed-term contract teachers than did secondary schools. Of the 41,833 teachers on fixed-term contracts, 62 per cent were in primary schools. More than half of all teachers on fixed-term contracts were part-timers.

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