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Part-time work can be pensionable

Andrew Warwick-Thompson, in his Money Talk column (TES, July 7), incorrectly stated that part-time supply work is not currently pensionable. This is not the case. Supply teachers employed on a part-time basis have been able to elect to pay superannuation contributions since March 1, 1968.

The only part-time work which has not been pensionable has been hourly paid employment in further education where the salary has not been related to the salary that a full-time teacher would receive. However, as from May 1, further education lecturers have been able to elect to join the Teachers' Superannuation Scheme.

I am also concerned that Andrew Warwick-Thompson implies that it is to the advantage of any teacher who has left full-time teaching to elect to pay superannuation contributions on any supply work that they may undertake.

Although it is frequently to a teacher's advantage, the position does depend on age at the time of ceasing full-time employment, salary at that time, and the amount of supply work that the individual teacher intends to undertake in the future. Any teacher in this position should seek individual advice from their union.

SUSAN JOHNSON Association of Teachers andLecturers 7 Northumberland Street London WC2

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