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Parties no help over admissions

The Enfield Parent Governors' Association is concerned about the lack of parental choice (TES, August 9) when children are transferring from primary to secondary.

This year in Enfield there were 520 appeals, only 60 of which were successful. This figure excludes parents who did not appeal although they were not offered their first choice of school. In many cases, children were not offered any of their choices, but were advised to apply to the schools which still have available places, some of them being many miles from their home. We believe that the Greenwich judgment on admission outside a borough has exacerbated this situation.

Our association invited both the Education Secretary and her opposite number to attend an open meeting where they could hear from parents and governors about their concerns over secondary transfer. They were also asked for their comments on the Greenwich judgment. However, both Gillian Shepherd and David Blunkett declined our invitation to attend the meeting, and did not send representatives.

Not only is parental choice being denied, children are being denied a smooth transition into secondary schools with possible lasting consequences to their education.

LINDA SLESS Chair Enfield Parent Governors' Association 115 Dimsdale Drive Bush Hill Park, Enfield Middlesex

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