Party in Prague for our chums

So, my friends, where are you going for your office Christmas do? You'll be pleased to know that, after all their hard work over the past year, your chums at the Learning and Skills Council are having a well-deserved visit to Prague. And who can blame them? Prague, after all, is a fine city, full of wonderful architecture, cheap booze and beautiful women (and I mean that most unstereotypically).

You'll be relieved to hear, though, that Prague is also the name of a restaurant in Coventry. So, sadly, I'm unable to bring you a report of plane-loads of pen-pushers jetting off at our expense. But with the Czech Republic doing better than the UK in getting 19-year-olds to level 2 (GCSE equivalent), perhaps a "fact-finding" tour of the former communist bloc might prove informative.

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