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Pass imperfect;Letter

MY newly-amalgamated primary school has a special opportunity unit attached to it. The pupils have moderate learning difficulties and are unable to reach Level 4 in the national tests.

I believe in high expectations and I agree with Chris Woodhead that excuses cannot be made for backgrounds and that all children can achieve if given the opportunity.

The system for including all 11-year-olds in league tables means that my Year 6 pupils appear even though they do not sit any tests. We, therefore, have no chance of achieving 100 per cent.

However, the results that are reported include my six unit pupils and our improvement score shows a 28 per cent difference when they are included. Reported score 167; actual score 195 (1999); 104 (1998).

Mrs Y Beston


Hillside primary school

Dyke Drive

Orpington, Kent

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