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Teachers share their tips. When you are photocopying an article, or a section of a book, copy the last page first, and work your way to the front of the article or chapter.

That way, you end up with your copies in the right order, with the first page on top. If you are copying from a magazine, and you are really clever, you can turn the copies 90 degrees left then 90 degrees right. Not only are the pages in the right order, they are the right way round as well. Don't forget to note - or photocopy - the bibliographical details when you have finished. It makes it a whole lot easier to find the magazine or book at a later time, and you can give proper credit to the original source at the appropriate time.

John Royce, International School, Administration, Junior and Secondary Campus, Hamburg, Germany

During an average day children probably write the date as many as five times - almost 1,000 times a year. Younger children sometimes spend more time on the date than on the work. Provide a date stamp and ink pad for each group and save up to half the time wasted every day for about the same price as The TES.

Using pre-recorded storytapes can be better than reading to the class yourself. The intelligent teacher preserves voice and sanity while undertaking useful observation work. Freed from the task of educating and entertaining, he or she can focus on assessment, checking recall and understanding at the touch of a rewind button without getting wound up at all.

Jon O'Connor and colleagues at Parkside First School, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

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