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Pass it on

This is a simple and adaptable idea I have been using in phonics teaching for the past 15 years. Choose two words beginning with the same initial sound and turn them into a jingle: The ant is on the apple a a a The ant is on the apple a a a The ant is on the apple a a a Early in the morning

This can be sung to any suitable tune but my class like to sing it to the tune of "Skip to my Lou". Also the last line can be changed by the children. The children love it if their names are incorporated into the jingles and if the rhymes are silly, say, The jelly is jumping j j j.

Jingles can also be made for consonant and vowel digraphs: The chimp is cheeky ch ch ch The boat can float oa oa oa Many supporting activities can be developed, such as wall displays of the jingles. Also the children could make individual or group books containing their own jingles. Whichever way this idea is adapted, the main emphasis is to make the learning of phonics fun.

Linda Nolan, Deputy head, Hunts Cross Junior Mixed and Infants School, Liverpool.

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