Pass it on

TEACHERS SHARE THEIR TIPS. Here are some of our tips for making life easier:

* Put a "Master Copy" tray next to the photocopier for new worksheets. One copy of each is then sorted and used or adapted by other staff.

* Get a filing cabinet. Most stock rooms offer minimal space and, if you're lucky, some shelves. A cabinet is the ideal size for folders, worksheets etc.

* Send new resources via the staff room. This allows them to be seen before they are hidden away.

* Locate pencil sharpeners next to bins.

* Mix powder paint with PVA glue to stop flaking.

* Paint-trays and palettes clean well in the dishwasher.

The staff of Lodge Farm Junior School Stevenage, Herts

Each successful tipster wins a copy of either Ted Wragg's Guide to Education or Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley's Children Just Like Me. Please indicate your choice when you send you tips to Maureen McTaggart at The TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1 9XY

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