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Pass the pudding

With the healthy eating lobby policing school canteens at every turn, it's encouraging that good old school pudding isn't going out of fashion.

A survey by online education guide found that about two-thirds of respondents think schools should let pupils enjoy puddings without worrying too much about putting on weight. A similar number said they would be disappointed if traditional puddings disappeared from school menus.

It's not just schoolchildren who enjoy traditional school dessert fare, either. About a fifth of female respondents still turn to their favourite school puddings for comfort because of the happy memories they evoke.

Top of the list was apple crumble and custard followed by chocolate sponge, with jam roly-poly coming in third. The puddings they least enjoyed were tapioca and semolina.

Gail Dixon, editor of the website, said: "Some nostalgic old favourites still have a place in our hearts - and tummies."

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