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75 years ago December 10, 1927

The chief burden of the School Medical Service is the general condition of the child on entering the school. It is a startling fact that one-quarter to one-third of the new entrants need medical attention. In some places, the proportion of defective entrants is declining, but Sir George Newman makes the melancholy admisssion that"in London during the last ten years there has been no substantial change for the better". He pleads for a more effective infant welfare service and its extension to childen up to school age.


50 years ago December 12, 1952

The incomparable resources of our English tongue have yet so far failed to provide an adequate term for the"Old Boy", still more for the "Old Girl" of a school. The Scots, with their harsh northern logic, speak of "former pupils", and that this is an accurate description may not be denied. But it lacks that tinge of affection and loyalty, that ease on the tongue and that comradely informality which the English improvisiation does provide.


December 9, 1977

Experience of the outside world of work could soon be a must for potential teachers. The government will shortly be advising colleges not to admit any student to teacher training who has not spent some months in another job. And in an effort to increase the number of black and brown teachers in schools, it is also likely to set up special colleges in immigrant areas to get more potential recruits up to college entry standards. The plans were revealed at a meeting of the government's Advisory Committee on the Supply and Training of Teachers. It also outlined plans for more conversion courses to get older people from industry and commerce into teaching in such shortage subjects as business studies, craft design and technology.

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