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75 years ago March 17, 1928

The "art" of teaching is one of those familiar phrases that we use more frequently than our practice can justify. For teaching contains much repetition, and repetition forms habits, and art can be slain by habits.

Art is creative and cumulative; it lives by growth and adventure; it must use its media in different ways; and as an expression of the artist it must reveal its living creator and not his dead past. Art is dynamic, aggressive, prophetic; teaching, if it is to be called an art, must also partake of these qualities.

50 years ago March 20, 1953

In the past week, the National Union of Teachers has given a preview of the principal features in its Easter parade. The chief topics which the union will discuss in public at Blackpool are those it has pondered before.

First comes the recruitment of teachers. The list running on over equal pay and the size of class has a familiar ring. This, however, is no reflection on the ingenuity of the union. It is merely a proof that the same set of troubles persists.

What is important is that this year the union shall have something useful to say.

25 years ago March 17, 1978

Student teachers at Matlock College of Education, Derbyshire, were so rattled recently by the non-appearance of The TES that they passed a resolution at a union meeting complaining of the effect of the lack of job advertisements on their life chances.

They also instructed the National Executive of the National Union of Students to step in to resolve the dispute between the printing unions and the management of Times Newspapers Ltd so that they could once again continue to apply for posts. Sue Slipman, NUS president, has decided against action at this stage.

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