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75 years ago

* December 22, 1928

Snow fell in Switzerland weeks ago, and even at the 4,000ft level winter sports are in full swing among the inhabitants, though the tide of visitors from England does not set in until the school holidays begin, and the great majority arrive on Christmas Eve. After the crowd arrives it is sometimes difficult for a small child to find a slope where it can fall about undisturbed upon its skis.

50 years ago

* December 18, 1953 The universities of Cape Town and Witwatersrand, which by their charters educate students of any colour, have long been criticised by the South African Government in its pursuit of apartheid. Now they are directly threatened. Dr Malan declared last week that the Government had decided to end this "mingling" as soon as possible, and that a commission was now working out the steps. The occasion he chose to announce this assault on academic independence was ironically itself an academic ceremony- graduation at Stellenbosch University. South Africans, for whom the racial question is on any policy acutely difficult, are understandably impatient of the homilies read them from Great Britain. But here another issue of the greatest importance is involved- that of the independence of universities in academic matters, of which the admission of students is assuredly one...Vice-chancellors here owe their united support to their colleagues in South Africa.

25 years ago An industrial dispute kept the TES out of production from November 30, 1978 to November 16, 1979.

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