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Past TimesEd

75 years ago

* JUNE 29, 1929

So long as the BBC maintains its present standards, set speaking cannot be considered quite a dead art. But when we consider the position carefully, when we think of the innumerable halting, illogical, confused and confusing speeches which are daily inflicted upon inoffensive audiences, when we think of the endless misunderstandings and failures of mutual comprehension in private life due to careless and ignorant handling of our glorious tongue, when we think of the abominable slipshod pronunciation, the mutilated vowels, the clipped consonants, the unwarrantable abbreviation and mangling of words which minute by minute afflict our ears, we cannot but admit that the English language, that fine instrument, is being sadly misused and mishandled.

50 years ago

* JULY 2, 1954

The meeting of the East London Teachers' Association was valuable in emphasising the many useful functions of managers and governors. They can advise the headmaster in a hundred ways, lend weight to his decisions, and act as an important link between the school and the life of the district.

But the entire usefulness of school governors and managers stand or falls upon the calibre of the people chosen and the enthusiasm the job can raise in them ... The ideal people for this task are local housewives and professional men, as well as people who have been educated at the school itself, but these are usually the people who are not coming forward...If governors and managers are to play a full part their powers must be increased, and their method of appointment revised.

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