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Pathway to potential

I note that there has been some criticism of Glasgow City Council's announcement that they are planning to do pupil options at the end of S1.

In Eastbank Academy we have taken the plunge this session and, for the first time, all pupils made their choices at the end of S1. We call the scheme "curriculum pathways" but, while we are planning for a fair proportion of pupils to sit Standard grades at the end of S3 and so give them more time for Higher work, the scheme has a significant level of flexibility. This is designed, we hope, to maximise the potential of all our pupils.

Steven Purcell, Glasgow's new council leader, is determined to close the gap and "let our young citizens flourish". I fully support him and Ronnie O'Connor, the executive director of education, training and young people in their initiative. I am confident we will show doubters that we can deliver these changes with a flexibility that will work for all.

Jim Dalziel Principal Eastbank New Learning Community, Glasgow

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