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Pause for sport

The World of Sport Examined is quite simply the best of its kind. The student's book is an outstanding core text for all GCSE syllabuses, covering the required areas systematically and informatively.

Students are introduced to the key sport sciences - physiology, psychology and sociology - with their applications to fitness, training, health, participation, provision and media coverage.

This is a visually exciting and immensely stimulating book with high quality diagrams, charts, tables and photographs of top-level sportsmen and women. The authors include a range of text styles and extension tasks that consolidate the content and allow for individual progression.

Each chapter concludes with a range of questions that provide teachers with homework ideas and prepare students for the exam.

Anyone who assumes that adventure education is all about expensive equipment, outdoor pursuits centres and specialist expertise, should read Richard Andrews's Adventure in Education. This valuable resource for key stages 2 and 3 shows that the little equipment needed is commonplace in all schools.

Andrews shows how team building, problem-solving, leadership, communication, trust, fairness and co-operation can be developed.

The writing is lively and concise, and the 49 graded tasks for individual and group work are clearly described. Photographs and illustrations show pupils' total involvement, enjoyment and sense of adventure. Fun to do and fun to teach - if only it could all be like this!

Colin Lee is a physical education consultant based in Bath

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