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Pay Qamp

I am deputy head in a village school, on spine point 2 of the deputies' scale. In my last post, I was on point 12 of the classroom teachers'scale. When I changed jobs, I took a pay cut of about pound;300. It now appears that deputy heads cannot apply to cross the threshold and that I should transfer to the new leadership spine. Our budget is very tight, however, and I can't see the governors giving me a pay rise of pound;2,000. In other words, I will be pound;2,000 worse off for having accepted promotion. Can this be right?

From September you will be paid on the new leadership spine. Your governors have the power (but, as you say, not necessarily the money) to pay you an increase when they set your new salary range. However, Mr Blunkett has offered a central grant for the years 2000-01 and 2001-02 to support the award of one additional pay point on the leadership spineto heads, deputies and advanced skills teachers, provided that the governors have carried out an annual performance review based on previously agreed objectives. The first grants would be paid from September this year.

But one additional point represents only half of the pound;2,000 threshold increase - and even this point will have to be part-funded from the school budget. All schools will get one-off payments of pound;900 per deputy this year and pound;540 per deputy next year towards the costs of assimilating their deputies to the new leadership spine.

This is a complicated arrangement, and so far it is consultative only. The offer may yet improve. The Government has only half recognised the problem you describe.

Michael Duffy E-mail your questions on pay to: Duffy regrets that he cannot enter into personal correspondence

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