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PC ergonomics

How often do people buy the latest computer, install the most sophisticated software, then plonk the system down on any old desk without thought of ergonomics, safety or security?

There is a better way, says Victoria Heath of i-desk Solutions.

"The i-deskT concept is simple: take the basic unit of learning, the desk, and seamlessly integrate it with a performance computer."

The clever part, she says, is the design, in which the computer becomes a cassette that slots into the chassis of the desk, allowing easy access and the use of standard PC components, and giving more room below the desk and on the workspace above.

Other benefits of the i-desk, which costs pound;1,200 to pound;1,500 to schools, include security, because the PC cannot be stolen, and safety as there are no trailing cables to trip over.

Contact Victoria Heath, tel 01189 739703 Stand D40

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