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Ages 5 to 11 This exercise is great for quick PE lessons, warm-ups and energy-boosting moments.

Write out cards with an exercise on each, such as press-ups, star jumps, jogging and marching. You can download illustrations to stick on and adapt the cards for different ages. Then spread the cards round the hall in a giant circle and ask the children to stand beside one.

Put on your boppiest dance song and get the children to start doing that exercise. After a minute or two shout change, and the children all move round one place. After 20 minutes they are puffed out. You can also use the cards for a whole-class activity in the classroom.

When the children are flagging, get them to stand on the spot. Hold up in succession some suitable cards such as upper body twists or windmill arms.

After they have all done a few cards, they can return to work revitalised Fiona McDonnell teaches at The Pelican School, Cambridge

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