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PE - Dance and choreography

What is it?

The "Dance" collection of resources focuses on many different aspects of dance, movement and expression.

How to use it

Start by inspiring pupils with images of various dance movements, uploaded by Tizabella. Then, there is a handout supplied by lisabowron88, with different letters of the alphabet in different squares in a "dance cube". Pupils move from one letter to the next according to the first four letters of their name, or spell a word related to dance. They then turn these movements into a dance.

For choreography, miss type has uploaded a worksheet that looks at elements such as music, developing a motif and how different actions can express different things.

A good revision resource, again from Tizabella, covers the four areas of Laban's movement analysis - action, space, dynamics and relationships. Each sheet includes key words for each area, which can be used to inspire discussion.

Janet Edwards has uploaded a useful background resource looking at different styles of dance. If you want to focus specifically on Bollywood dance, AndSJ has put together a history of the movement, plus a few introductory dance steps, in a PowerPoint document.

Resources on jazz include an assignment brief for BTEC Jazz (ally25) and a task on the relationship between jazz dance and music (miss-dancey- pants).

For peer assessment, khuyton has supplied a list of questions and level markers pupils can use to mark their classmates, while Tizabella has created evaluation sheets where they give their peers three stars for things they've done well and a wish for something they could have done better.

Where to find it

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