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PE - Games to get pulses racing

What is it?

"Games and Gymnastics" is a collection of resources for primary PE lessons, with warm-up games, ball games and gymnastics ideas.

How to use it

In Warm-Up Games, there are 15 activities for P1 to P7. For Smugglers, you split the class into two groups: smugglers and goodies. Scatter the hoops around the area in which you are working and give the goodies a 30-second head start to place bean bags in their corresponding coloured hoop. Then, on the blow of a whistle, the smugglers steal the bean bags and place them in the wrong hoops. The goodies have to keep trying to remedy the problem. It's lots of fun and it gets the heart rate going.

The Bean Game gets children to run when they are asked to be a runner bean and jump if they are a jumping bean. If they are jelly beans, they have to move around the room slouching and doing silly movements, and baked beans on toast have to lie flat on the floor, spreading arms and legs out as far as possible.

If you want to try something different for your games lesson, the charity Send A Cow, which helps African farmers, has produced a list of ball games that children play in Africa. These include dodgeball, bounceball and Mokou (a game using stones). The resource offers a range of games originating in Africa, with full instructions and images of children playing each game.

Finally, for those in need of ideas at short notice, the TES Web Staff have uploaded a link to a long, alphabetical list of games for all ages that are quick and easy to set up.

Where to find it

All of these links and resources can be found at

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