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PE - A look at the human body

What is it?

"The human body" is a collection of resources and ideas about the organs and their function, and has links to biology.

How to use it

Resources on the heart, lungs and respiration include an activity asking pupils to name areas of the heart, which can be used as a starter or for revision with S4-6 pupils, and a PowerPoint on the heart and circulatory system (both uploaded by 251butterflies).

A set of cards on circulation, from sjtorrance, can be photocopied and used in a class activity, and a PowerPoint on respiration, from 251butterflies, can be used for revision, to remind students of the key facts and processes.

A series of resources on skeletons and bones includes a diagram of a dancing skeleton, in black and white for ease of photocopying, a colour diagram suitable for use on the whiteboard and a selection of diagrams and word games to encourage pupils to learn the names for different parts of the body (all from Wordy William). A PowerPoint on the human skeleton includes sections on the functions of different bones, joints and vertebrae in sport (from 251butterflies). There is also a series of cards from s-ewen, which can be used for a game of dominoes with S4-6 pupils.

A PowerPoint on muscles looks at the movement of different types of muscles and which exercise works which muscle group, while another set of resources looks at what ligaments and tendons do and the difference between them (both from 251butterflies).

Finally, a resource on the effect of sport on muscles can be used for S4-6 revision, in conjunction with a diagram of the muscles in a human body, from hdavies25.

Where to find it

The collection can be found at

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