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The pen is still mightier. Or should be

I very much welcome Michael Gove's initiatives to improve behaviour and raise standards, but there is one vital area which appears not to have been addressed, namely that of presentation of work. I have, in my capacity as an examiner, had to wade through reams of virtually illegible handwriting over the years and, as handwritten exam scripts are set to remain for the foreseeable future, this is an area which schools need to tackle as a matter of urgency.

Incidentally, well-presented display work gives a good impression when visiting a school (I have visited over 270 in 23 countries) and, to be honest, 95 per cent of pupils are quite capable of producing neat work. That many don't is, unfortunately, a mixture of poor self-discipline and lax attention in many schools, both by class teachers and senior management.

Christopher D Wiggins, Dursley, Gloucestershire.

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