Pension power in the hood

Is there no end to the lengths to which honest citizens will go to keep troublesome youths at bay? First, it was playing Mozart and Vivaldi in Underground stations. Now, it seems, some pensioners have got so fed up with being intimidated by gangs of young hoodie-wearers that they've taken to wearing the garments themselves. "If you hugged a hoodie in one town in our authority, you would be hugging an OAP!" a poster to the TES online staffroom reports. It seems that wrinklies wearing hoodies have been as effective at dispersing the menace as waving garlic at vampires.

In the Spectator, meanwhile, former editor Charles Moore recommends hugging "the longest-standing hoodies in the West" - Benedictine monks. Which could be startling for staff at schools attached to Benedictine monasteries.

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