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Mr BA Waite ("Pensions protest is too feeble", Letters, February 18) shows a distinct lack of understanding about what the National Union of Teachers is doing about the raising of the pension age and how "taking action" actually works.

I am surprised that as a school rep he is unaware that the NUT does in fact have a plan.

The union has already encouraged members to join in TUC-organised demonstrations around the country and to write to their MPs - it even provided a postcard! More than 60,000 of these cards were delivered to the Government on February 10.

Voting papers are already in schools asking members which type of action they want to take. This ensures members will not be balloted over action they do not want to take. Mr Waite may not like this method, but it has worked in the past and I see no reason why it will not work again.

Sheila Gibbon

Member, NUT North Tyneside Division executive committee

40 Buttermere Road

Marden, North Shields

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