Mick Brookes may lead the county's largest headteachers' union, but his national importance has only now been confirmed: he has been included in annual biography of the great and the good Who's Who.

The general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers and 19 headteachers were among the new entries in the book's 2007 edition.

Hobbies listed by Mr Brookes include motorcycling and music - which will come as little surprise to his colleagues, as he still rides a Honda Firestorm and only stopped playing bass guitar in a rock band last year.

Heads of selective schools, nine of whom run private schools, dominate the other new entries.

They include Geoffrey Boult, head of Giggleswick in North Yorkshire, who counts "fireworks and supporting England" among his hobbies, and Mark Moore, head of Clifton College, Bristol, who lists his as "ball games, reading and talking". We also learn that Sean Heslop, head of Tiffin school in Surrey, and Barbara Greatorex, head of Wallington high school for girls in London, share a love of birdwatching.

The only state primary head to be added to the list is Dame Anna Hassan of Millfields primary in Hackney, who enjoys "singing, listening to opera mostly and other musical genres, and reading historical novels".

Gift-buying pupils, take note.

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