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WILL THE new-look Department for Children, Schools and Families improve the lot of teachers? What can we expect, in concrete policy terms, from our new education minister? Do any of you lot care?

Apart from noting that our incoming Secretary of State, Ed Balls (below), is a bit of a looker (if you like 'em jowelly and powerful), posters on The TES website forums were more concerned with dreaming up fantasy headlines for when the inevitable ahem balls-ups occur, and our new commander-in-chief gets the boot.

"I hope he isn't very good as I've already written the headline for when he gets sacked: Balls dropped," wrote one poster.

"What about when he gets promoted: Balls up?" offered another.

Perhaps you are hoping he will lend his name to an important initiative, a la Ruth Kelly.

"In the 1980s, Kenneth Baker introduced in-service training days for teachers, which became known as Baker days. In 2005, the then education secretary Ruth Kelly visited a breakfast club at a school in east London to publicise what she hoped would come to be called Kelly hours," wrote one knowledgeable poster. "Now that our commander-in-chief is Ed Balls, do you think he will let teachers have "balls time"?"

Over to the new department for a comment.

"That's a classic!" replied an enthusiastic spokesman. "I'm not sure, though. I'll get back to you..."

As The TES went to press,we were still awaiting his response.

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