John Ferguson has retired as director of education for Cambridgeshire.

Cambridge University has awarded the following honorary degrees: doctor of letters (DLitt) to Jonathan Miller, stage and film director; doctor of science (DSc) to Jocelyn Bell Burnell, professor of physics, the Open University, and Antony Hewish, emeritus professor of radioastronomy, Cambridge, for their work on the discovery of pulsars; and doctor of laws (LLD) to Sir Alan Cottrell, formerly master of Jesus College, and vice-chancellor of the university, and Dame Rosalyn Higgins, a judge of the international court and professor of international law at the London School of Economics.

Exeter University has awarded the following honorary degrees: DLitt to Professor Timothy Brighouse, director of education for Birmingham, and Sir Alan Bowness, the art historian; LLD to Sir David Calcutt QC, chancellor of the diocese of Exeter, Dame Stella Rimington, director-general of the Security Service, and Judge Stephen Tumim, former Chief Inspector of Prisons; DSc to Professor Richard Gregory, the psychologist and president of the Exploratory Hands-on Science Centre at Bristol; and doctor of divinity to the Rt Revd David Sheppard, Bishop of Liverpool.

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