Philip O'Hear, head of Acland Burghley School, has been appointed chief inspector for Camden from April. He will lead the nursery expansion programme and promote community education in the borough.

Tim Stevenson, a main board director at Burmah Castrol, and Rosemary Thorne, Sainsbury's group finance director, are joining the Department for Education and Employment's management board as non-executive members. Professor Graham Ashworth, director-general of Tidy Britain Group, has been elected as president of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe.Stephen Cox, director-general of the Commonwealth Institute in London, is to succeed Dr Peter Warren as executive secretary of the Royal Society when he retires in June.Dr Alan Rudge, deputy chairman of British Telecommunications and a member of the Council for Science and Technology, has been reappointed as part-time non-executive chairman of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council from April 1, 1997 to March 31, 1999.

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