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'Personal' pique

If schools still do not know what "personalised learning" means (TES, June 8), they will be alarmed by current government conceptions.

Professor Andy Hargreaves' concerns are no doubt informed by the recent Department for Education and Skills publication Making Good Progress, which does reduce personalisation to "customisation". While many will agree with the sentiments of the Gilbert review, these will be to no avail if, as is being proposed, the Government goes ahead with introducing individual testing "when ready" and in addition (we must assume?) to end-of-key-stage Sats.

It is good to hear that schools are creating their own versions, but teachers have been trying to personalise learning for years. In attempting to give students the individual attention they deserve, they have been hindered by lack of resources and oversized classes, not to mention a testing and targeting regime that remains distinctly impersonal.

Being bamboozled with new theories about "learning styles" only adds to their frustration.

Martin Allen London

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