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Perversity will pervade if league tables prevail

In your coverage of the Wolf review, you state that ministers are "considering wrestling control over which qualifications count in school league tables" from Ofqual.

Ofqual does not have responsibility for deciding which qualifications are included in school league tables, nor the relative values they are given. That is for ministers to decide. Ofqual recognises awarding organisations to offer regulated qualifications. It is our role to promote public confidence in, and awareness of, regulated qualifications, and we will act and speak out when things go wrong.

The article also suggests that Ofqual is "unaccountable". Far from it - we are directly accountable to Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

While Ofqual is already moving to a more strategic model of regulation, Professor Wolf's report raises important challenges for all involved in and concerned about the quality of vocational education in England, Ofqual included.

Sandra Burslem, Deputy chair, Ofqual.

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