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Pesetas ring changes in war fortunes

Pesetas have been superseded, liras are no longer and the franc is frankly passe. Cash left over from last year's European holiday may be worthless to you, but could change Afghan children's fortunes, writes Harvey McGavin.

Your school can convert out-of-date foreign currency into cash for the TESUNICEF Afghan appeal thanks to an agreement between the Universal Coin and Currency Exchange and the national banks of Euro-using countries.

You can download a campaign logo to put on a bucket or collection box from our website and set up a collection point in your school.

It worked for Liz Marlow, head of Year 7 at Westcliff school, Essex, who raised pound;1,500 for our Afghan appeal and the Twin Towers fund. "It just shows the value of how much money is lying, forgotten, in the back of drawers!" she said.

The UCCE will collect from schools within the M25 and even further afield, especially if schools cluster together.

David Pratchett, UCCE director, collected 164 tonnes of coins in two weeks. "It's a great way to raise money - everyone's got that little bit of foreign currency somewhere at home," he said. Contact David at or ring 020 7930 1979.


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