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Krasny - an introduction to philosophical thinking Uniview Worldwide Ltd pound;37.31 inc Vat and p+p Tel: 0151 625 3453 While our colleagues are going on field trips or visiting theatres and museums, philosophy teachers are stuck in the classroom with little more than a worn copy of Brian Magee's Great Philosophers video to break up the routine.

More innovative teaching materials are finally being produced, however, and for the sake of variety alone, teachers will surely be snapping up copies of Krasny.

This short film, together with some basic teaching notes and photocopiable discussion sheets, focuses on the question of our knowledge f the real world. Daniel Cotterill, who teaches A-level philosophy at Exeter College, has collaborated with film-maker Robert Richards on its production.

While the production is good and the visuals striking, the acting, script and soundtrack have an amateurish feel from a dramatic point of view. But the film should be judged as a teaching aid, not as a potential Bafta nominee.

Krasny deals with complex issues in an engaging way. It is philosophically rich, and pupils will need to view it more than once, and probably in sections, to draw out its full potential.

Julian Baggini is editor of The Philosophers' Magazine.

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