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THE GOD OF PHILOSOPHY. By Roy Jackson. TPM (The Philosophers' Magazine). pound;9.99. Tel: 01442 879097.

With the arrival of AS and the growth in popularity of philosophy of religion courses, Roy Jackson's book is a timely addition to resources.

All the salient topics are here: the five proofs for the existence of God are clear and accessible; the chapter on the problem of evil considers the main theodicies and offers alternative options (process theodicy, determinism, compatibilism); the faith and reason debate is presented coherently, recognising major scholarship and historical developments.

The author avoids complicated and abstract logical reasoning and instead places the contribution of philosophers in the context of relevant debates, making this book well suited to AS.

While more able students will proceed to more demanding texts, most will be enriched by this book, which is illuminating without being overbearing.

John Waters teaches philosophy and RE at Parkstone grammar school, Bournemouth, and is co-editor of Dialogue Journal

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