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Philosophy for primary schools is being rolled out in East Renfrewshire.

The authority's 24 primary schools will all eventually take in Wondering, a project designed with help from philosophy in education pioneer Catherine McCall. It follows the introduction of philosophy into East Renfrewshire's secondary schools.

Fiona Loudon, Crookfur Primary headteacher, said: "Philosophy is having a very beneficial effect across the school. At a time when some educational commentators are claiming that use of the internet by this generation may be changing the way children think, we're relying on tried and tested philosophical techniques, tailored to different age groups, to encourage and develop traditional thinking skills which are of enormous value at primary, through secondary and into adult life."

East Renfrewshire education director John Wilson said: "Developing philosophical skills has a key role to play in boosting attainment and achievement in our schools, and it is more important than ever in an age in which pupils handle a great deal of information. All of our primaries will be using philosophy within the curriculum by 2011."

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Tes Editorial

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