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Photo fit


Ages 11 to 16

"The esteemed scientist Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist ..."

"The TV presenter David Attenborough believes ..."

"The scientist Benjamin Banneker was a mathematician and astronomer ..."

Statements such as these have a lot more relevance to readers who know who they are and what they look like.

If you have never heard of them and are not really interested in famous scientists (especially long dead ones) you would probably switch off if you were in a lesson.

One simple idea I stumbled across while trying to brighten up a PowerPoint presentation was to insert photographs (or some portraits for the long dead) of the scientists involved in the global warming debate.

I was slightly taken aback how pupils were able to remember who each person was by linking the scientists' work to their pictures

Anthony Martin teaches at Deptford Green School in New Cross, London.

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